Horseshoes & Hand Grenades is a magazine about following your dreams. It isn’t for everyone, but it might be for anyone. Anyone who sends things out into the universe, just holding their breath and hoping it almost gets there.

Our mission is to publish the things people are passionate about. The writing and art that leaps off our screens with its fingers crossed and its prayers in the air around it. We have no rules. The themes of our issues come from the work that we love, and that we can tell you love, too.

Why Horseshoes & Hand Grenades?

When we create a piece of art and put it out into the world, it carries a lot of weight. In the moments before we press send on the email, before we turn on the lights, before we unveil the work to eyes that aren’t our own, there is that feeling in the deepest crevice of our souls. It isn’t the same for everyone—trying to ascribe a universality to it would be like trying to do the same for what it feels like to be a parent—but we all feel it.  

There’s a hope in releasing art to the world. We hope to make people think. We hope to surprise people. We hope to win people over. We hope to disgust people.

Whatever it is, the most we can do is aim for it; once the piece has left the womb of our mind and hands, it lands where it will. Now we just hold our breath, cross our fingers, and hope it comes close to what we’ve dreamt for it.

Artistic Director | Founder